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        HON-Flex FPC Smart Manufacturing: selected one of the national pilot project of intelligent manufacturing in 2016.
        (发布时间:2016-12-07 13:47)          点击次数:33242

            Through recommendation of competent authorities and judgment of experts in industrial and information departments from all over the nation, the intelligent manufacturing pilot projects of China in 2016 were listed and announced by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, including Hon-Flex FPC Smart Manufacturing. Of the 63 demonstrative projects selected, 5 come from Fujian Province, while Hon-Flex is the only entrant throughout Xiamen.

            To ensure the real-time monitoring and intelligent control of the overall process of FPC design and production, HON-Flex “FPC smart manufacturing” realizes effective management, error proofing and quality traceability by developing technology of automation, information and digitalization. Emphasizing on these new technologies, HON-Flex adopts intelligent technology and transforms equipments to adjust traditional way of FPC manufacturing.

            The current situation has undergone new changes with rapid development of a new round of reform represented by intelligent manufacturing, making manufacturing industry tend to be digitalized, networked and intelligent. Following the overall arrangement that pilot demonstrations should summarize experience while promoted application, which is determined by national specific actions, HON-Flex takes positive actions to practice Made in China 2025 and the intellectual manufacturing project, making every effort to provide for China’s economy in developing and controlling a commanding point in the new generation of industrial competition.

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